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Storage for playground and projects while learning from the Big Nerd Ranch book


Big Nerd Ranch - Swift Development | Playgrounds

Playground projects created while learning from the Big Nerd Ranch - Swift development (2nd edition) book. So, yep learning some iOS/MacOS development ;)


Working for 10+ years in .NET made me curious for other languages. After trying Objective-C (and not liking it), I wanted to play with Swift. To be able to play with my test projects and be able to use them as reference in the future, why not push them to GitHub?

I kept a list of findings in the Personal findings and notes

You suckā€¦

Yep, Swift is new for me and I am just messing around. Code found here is absolutely not up to any standards I use in my day to day development and is not even close to my coding in .NET. This is just some toying around. If you would like to judge my skills by this repo, have fun, but you might be totally wrong on your conclusions ;)